HIV Activist: Why The FDA Should Change Its Bias Against The LGBT Community

JD Davids is a longtime LGBT and HIV activist and the Managing Editor of, the web's largest resource on HIV.

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the one year get Pearl but just the revised F.D.A policy that started and did that and eight gay bisexual man or woman who is pads, in fact with a Care by sexual man within a year, the line is actually scoring on top of big fifteen trauma weei experience to the family rejections, Archer title to take more discrimination and additional literal in told an injury, when it's a policy that many people feel Guardian makes and then for that majority of game bisexual man. I'd have H.I.V., there are they haven't city and not let me answering I mean, for a long long time, there was there was folks that we're getting H.I.V. through blood transfusion so of course, you know I mean and and they found it you know that's what was coming from because people were needing a little bit of money they go down and give limited blood the Gilbert of money, and so the folks who were giving blood where the ones that had the disease, my guess is what you're saying is that they have a better screening process now to make sure that the blood that is given but again still, we've all got thirty-eight percent of people that are qualified to give Bledsoe, man it's a sticky weekend I mean I personally don't want to take any chances I mean I value life too much to be wake up one day after having an accident or getting shot or whatever and find out that on top of that, I now have H.I.V., so I mean are you, what do you say to that side of the equation, sure about that but even that people guns that his every didn't have a tiny Kasten and creating method because we get our top rates, it's actually been knew, very very very long time I with a short period actually where people were a lead, if you look budget apply because we didn't know about that or have to try to eighty and everyone should be catch it for appetite is here's your perhaps a tight at least fifty play in Portland the silent auction for decades with people get has been a double fell to treatment. I couldn't have been, even Cubs Torres here's the thing, no one has been getting H.I.V. for the puck to tie for a long time and at the age of himself acknowledges, that risk-based denial, N.B.A. period active method Bates that so that we take time and reverted to put into it and that's what it chosen to go with like Australia has done with that one year did, all he will retain many members of the L.G.B.T community are saying, we are safe