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Listen: and a lot of big big admitted Tom Kauffman that's that's C issue you the

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Harry How
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He and we move on how about this one eighty but more greedy says are to get the Saints fire Sean Payton about but I think the five at that even be my trade him be dumped abruptly firing but he wants a no to the Giants making their next head coach that be interesting how and a lot of big big admitted Tom Kauffman that's that's C issue you the coaching the team I do I do news so I think I think there's so many things that there's not new Senate we said on Monday the So do they need a new voice of course they do but I don't think the Giants are actually going to do it because the where Eli Manning is in his career and if you if you fire Tom Coughlin and you don't want McAdoo the Bure and new head coach in not disrupt the consistency of of Eli Manning and so given that all of the game the Jazz lost they could've won games should have won the argument the say you get a couple of a better personnel date is all about personnel a Giants i think led the league in yards this year is the difference a reluctant the change I thought you men Cherry race I thought you were pretty much in lockstep the conference gonna hang it up I don't think there's any chance couples back now and if somebody takes his opinion is is is Tom Coughlin coach in a dissect here I think he is right at this point out that would really surprise but now now sparse Sean Payton they do fire maybe an interesting i don't think so news the Giants head coach next year but all I think there's a if these Going elsewhere there's other opportunities there will be more exciting for him Miami couple of options maybe San Diego San Diego that's right pepper done that came up alright about this time of the Giants' job right now is an exciting job less true I think I think obviously it is because New York That's what I was gonna say as the Giants think about so no time area their bad man this becomes a firm Jeffrey horror feel that blackjack eighty one I think any says a statement I think they got something the high honestly have los de come back from that site the neck surgery think about it I guess a disappoints response the his statement i mean it's I don't think Peyton Manning is is a cheater I really don't I think.