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How To Pick The Right Doctor

Dr. Erika Schwartz, author of "Don't Let the Doctor Kill You" presents a checklist of some things patients should consider when choosing a medical practitioner.

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"If the doctor doesn't know you and your situation they can not properly correctly identify how to make things better for you."

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One of the things that you say in kind of a doctor check list that I really, this is your hiring check list I thought this was great. Number one how does the doctor address you. -sure, -if you are called honey or dear forget it, -disgusting right, and they don't look at you, there is noses in the electronic medical record, they don't make eye contact if they don't make eye contact why would you even bother talking to them. -right. - You don't talk to people in the street that don't make eye contact, why would you, -ya and then you got the eye contact and then does the doctor let you talk and does she actually listen. - Right. -You know because that is so important, and does the doctor ask you questions about you and your family, your job. -crucial, crucial because you know why, if the doctor doesn't know you and your situation they can not properly correctly identify how to make things better for you. - Right , absolutely  and then you have both physicians and patients have been indoctrinated that our personal lives are relevant only to the therapists, so not true . - Its insane , -its crazy. -I tell the story, I tell the story that when I took the examining table out of my office and I just left nice comfortable chairs there like armchairs that my patients sit in when we sit and talk, people started doctors started asking me if I was becoming a shrink, and I said no I am just becoming a better doctor because I want to know more about my patients I want my patients to be comfortable , I want patients to want to come to my office and love it there , and you know what they love coming there and I love seeing them and I think that is the only way you can be a good doctor and unless you have a doctor that feels about you the same way you shouldn't be with them.