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Celtics Lose A Hard Fought Game by 1! Listen to the Recap Here

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Jim Rogash
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Their first game of the best of seven series They lost one oh two to one oh one the final Isaiah Thomas did lead all scorers with twenty-seven in these two teams they're going to do it again Game two of the series Tuesday night in Atlanta Avery Bradley of big all question mark for that game after requiring assistants to leave it with a right hamstring strain the Reds socks when from a three game losing streak to what is now three game winning streak after David Price quieted the Blue Jays that Fenway in a four two win given up six said striking out nine walking no one lasting seven innings he feels good well hadn't thrown the ball or that I know that I've known my first two starts and two he also throws the baseball the way that I did against yes the Blue Jays which is extremely extremely good hitting two just a fan of row guard space the off fences first home run of the season a three run shot to do teams play the third of its four game set this afternoon Steven Wright against Aaron Sanchez one thirty-five first pitch there than Oregon revolution will take on Orlando City this afternoon in Orlando three thirty to kick off that game of course will be right here on ninety-eight five The Sports of the Update he brought to you by Hollywood collectibles Mine an Selling sport's collective both of his stride is on a torn him to throw fifteen through the seventeen Hollywood collectibles dot com Marshall hookup Austin's home for Sports ninety-eight five The Sports Hub your next update in about thirty minute are you or loved one struggling with alcohol addressed Use ad care can help with locations in Massachusetts and whip.