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Is The Ted Cruz Surge In Arizona For Real? 

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Justin Sullivan
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Can you come in Atlanta menu we talked about him Utah in Arizona the Ted Cruz surgeon Arizona for Rio is he going to be on a catch Donald Trump is unique over fifty percent in Utah it looks like the Republican Party is coalescing around Ted Cruz I said this on Friday night that it seems to me every inch situational pressure no John case it may compete in Western Pennsylvania and Upstate New York In a pick up some districts there may think Wisconsin become a crews Trump race and I wouldn't be surprised if Scott Walker endorser Ted Cruz and really you know I get I'm I'm just Belgium looking out at all the various a ray of forces I see John case sick is going to roll to play at the convention I see Donald Trump has peaked I think and I think Ted Cruz is getting everybody including one big Remy started the show talking about why he is now doing a fundraiser at this hour and a pack for Ted Cruz.