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Ashton Kutcher About Baby No 2 And Zach Galifianakis Suggests Guests Shouldn't Appear On His Show

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When they're onset trying to keep their egos ints abraham who plays blackouts specialist dar add all is an illegal maniac he makes requests on a sack that not even sergei into the real star of the show asks for and they're so much tension between aybar hammond between can who place all berenson by the way they don't even speak to each other off camera abraham also was ottawa's out of his way to make at knowing that nobody should place his chair near mandy fifteen time winner drinks out and the set as well i asked him could years building beans during his visit to the today show ashton revealed that is second child with meal occurrence we'll be ample white was supposed to be kept a surprise you know she by two points at me and if you'd like baby brother points the valley points that day beer so i negotiated there's something in the league yet he made his big stress doubt about the thought of not having line but to get o's that nobody has silly said he's not dreading himself crazy with the prep this time around it was like we still on the road in the first one so i guess we're all good and they loved exactly that example calif and accuracy and i can't say isn't does that show between two furnace and he says it's a career killer to be aghast on his show i'm a guy that used to tell diary of jokes in a cafes and now i'm interviewing presidents and next that to me is a little bit weird show that's i feel is strange that they come on the shelf life it yeah i don't agree with them coming on my own he's and i played the awkwardness that you see on the show is pretty legit you know when you meet people for the first time it's always awkward right and we can be in these are high profile people and that that comes with a certain amount of awkwardness already yeah i am not the most smooth person in the world and i think that that in that kind of and we just it's just an honest show i you know i played kind of the core margin kind of mean person but and will not life and very sweet for all of today's thirty makes you take out the dirty paid to unload you in winning dot com the liberty dirt directly from the store almost surely warning berra backing down coming out here you get a big bat going on this morning i going to tell you guys about i like this on.