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Listen: "You can lose games on purpose, you can pull players out of games"

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Rob Carr
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We see it now in basketball we've seen it maybe for the longest amount of time and I really don't know how much it happens in hockey but it does skillset might my on the MHL is certainly not as strong as it once was but the idea of serving you fee idea of saying we're not close the only way we're going to get better is by going Young trying to take it on the chin for a couple years amassing draft picks trading off higher-priced veterans and try to get ourselves better It's been described by some his tanking I think there's a big difference thank you would be just losing games on purpose not losing games with a purpose I think that's a big difference you can lose games all-purpose you can pull players out of games I've seen NFL teams not lose on purpose necessarily but not do their best efforts to win at the end of the year try to secure the number one pick in the draft I've seen teams heading to the playoffs in the NFL that don't want to lose a game all-purpose but they purposely rest players in order to get plenty of time so the players seem well rested come playoff time so I get it I get to strategy but it's a lot different than losing on purpose you're losing with a purpose you haven't agenda to losing I see the term tanking being tossed around a so David Murphy and the Philadelphia Daily News right apiece about this a few weeks ago there's a big difference between tanking which is losing on purpose and tanking losing with a purpose I really respect respect the plan if you can execute the losing with a purpose I can respect the plan and I can buy into the plan look just is an example of an Eagles fan you know that if you listen to the show for a long time I have been kicked in the groin I should wear steal Cup it hasn't been just terrible also the franchise's habit but there's been so much promise Around The Eagles that is on delivered over the years and I'm totally fine with Kang Chip Kelly in goal with a new coach into Peterson I'm totally fine with maybe take a temporary step back to get it right this time as a sports fan I totally buy in to the losing.