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Actor Van Hansis Discusses His New Role In The Film "Kiss Me, Kill Me"

A radio interview with actor Van Hansis about his role in the new film "Kiss Me, Kill Me," a West Hollywood noir genre flick directed by Casper Andreas. Van Hansis gives us an insight into what it was like to work on the film and a teaser of what's to come.

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"It's so stylish, I mean like ... Hitchcock meets John Waters or something, it's, it's, really fun."

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Now he's getting ready to thrill us all with kiss me kill me a queertist a queer twist a queertist a new word I am a queertist you're a queertist I am a queertist like a scientist but for queer things. - Yes - Cos a queer twist on the film a noir genre and it's making its world premiere right here in Chicago at Reeling Film festival so please welcome to the show Van Hansis, welcome Van - Hey how are you? I'm great how are you doing? - I'm not bad, not bad. - Good to have you - Happy Labor Day to you. - Oh happy Labor Day to you to you guys too, it's great to be on the phone with you. - Thanks for joining us, taking time out of your really busy schedule. - Oh my pleasure I have to tell you though that I'm on the streets of New York right now so if it gets really loud I apologize. - Awesome, we love the streets of New York - Yeah we do, pick up a hot dog, that's awesome, I love it. - So this is the latest film from writer-director Casper Andreas who's a big gay film fave. What was it like working on this project with him? - It was awesome I mean to see all of the, you know it was a really a, we shot in a about a month you know to shoot a feature in that amount of time is really quick, you know, especially one that it has such a style and it's not just like you know like middle of the course when it's you know camera at somebody and have them talk. So to do it all so quickly and have it look so awesome is really really exciting. Casper is a wonderful guy, I think he has a definite eye and it was really really fun to work with. - That's awesome so this is like, this is, is this your first dip into the film noir genre? - Yes and I actually just read somewhere that it's called, that they said it's West Hollywood noir which I actually really really love. - Ooh, Ooh Ooh We Ho Noir - Its got like a, its its shot and looks like one of those classic noir films but there's a lot of pink in it. So, - Gotta love. - So, exactly, I mean it looks like, I've actually only seen the trailer and then certain scenes from when I was doing ADR which is like the digital recording of your voice over lines that didn't work out or whatever so I've only seen little bits and pieces but I'm really, really, thrilled with how it looks. - Well I know everybody at Reeling Film Festival is super-excited about it, because it is getting its world premiere right here in Chicago. - It is. - Are you going to be in town? - I am, I can't wait - Yay, fantastic, and I think you're going to, now this is one of the films where there is going to be a little sass back afterwards, correct? - Yeah, Yeah I think so, I think there's going to be a bunch of the cast members there I know Craig Robert Young I think is coming and Jai Rodriguez, I think Shangela will be there so I think it'll be a lot of fun and then I think Catherine and David are going to be there as well so its going to be a big party. - It is a hot ticket to get, it is a hot hot ticket to get, so could you tease it, give us a little little info, what's what's the movie all about, so we can? - Sure, I play a character named Dusty  and I don't know how much I can say because you know it is kind of like a noir. - It's a thriller. - Yeah it's a thriller, so lots of thrilling things happen. - With pink. - With pink, I wear a pink shirt in it, and there's like a party scene with lots of pink lights and stuff anyway so I there's it starts at a party and I get into a big fight with my boyfriend and then he is found dead and so we don't know what happened. - And you blacked out right? - Yes, I did. - Dun Dun Dun and the rest. - Dun Dun Dun. - Was murder. - Murder she wrote, Oh my god that sounds fantastic and I love that you're taking this approach to this we ho noir you know adding a nice layer of style on to this brand of story telling. - Oh it's so stylish I mean like it's like I don't know it's like Hitchcock meets John Waters or something, it's, it's, really fun.