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Dow And Nasdaq Up Slightly As Fed Leaves Interest Rates Unchanged

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Again wednesday some one hundred thousand students are affected the federal reserve decided once again the lead interest rates alone chair gennett yellin pointing to softness in business investment and the job market cbs news business and lists just less injure some people believe the fed is really inclined to act and at the december meeting to start to dissuade some of those risky behaviors and that may be referred teammate here people say like asset bubbles because the fed is worried that low interest rates leads to people taking on more risk could that they shouldn't and that puts the expected rate hike after the november election on wall street the dow gaining a hundred sixty three points are just under one percent a close in eighteen thousand two ninety three than asked backup fifty three the s and p added twenty three points this is cbs news connected to the northwest in the win with fm news one kane acts fifty six degrees in the rose city thank you so much you come along here on this wednesday.