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Listen: "Now the Spurs who haven't yet clenched their playoff spot"

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Claus Andersen
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Now the Spurs who haven't yet a playoff spot the Warriors did that even without the win on Saturday night because the Rockets had lost to the Spurs they went ahead locked in a postseason berth WATCH it's February earliest ever an NBA history but this berth also continue to win their rodeo road trip what we do I got the wow again you want to talk about impressive and they still technically had the chance to so past the Chicago Bulls with the best record ever for a single-season but on the rodeo road trip for they fit in Tony is Burns one loss one loss for them on this week's mod triple away from their own venue and the only won a loss was the Clippers and L.A. so there in fifty nine keeping pace is that they can with the Warriors been doing it themselves with cut y lettered LaMarcus Aldridge amassed a double double for him on Sunday he got Patty Mills who surging is well it really contributing from authentic if not for the Warriors this Curry's would definitely be to story and on the trip it turned aside the NBA the Eastern Conference couple of could never get games this week again Lott the Raptors fans have been tweeting me about their victory over the Cavs on Friday night and yet could was bad but I will say that I don't even need to tell you but what matters most is the Playoffs and the Raptors getting that initial playoffs theories win this version of the Raptors laughter here they had the opportunity have been able to get it done so while the victory over the Cavs is big it's not the first time but the Raptors about a Big Game a big victory in the regular season last couple years they had from here to ones but not able to do in the playoff so yes big statement win but it hands right there because that this David won't matter if they can't replicate that kind of success in a playoff theories just forget whether or not it began the Cavs just in general a first-round carried a second round series getting to the Eastern Conference finals and they have close that gap against the Cavs atop the Eastern Conference lebron James did not play on Sunday against the Wizards and the Cavs get blown out it was the closer only because of the late run for them a GM but this was really a blowout and J.R. smith not shy about calling out his team following that last Sunday.