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Listen: "It works in Villanova's favor I think in two ways"

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Darryl Oumi
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That you've beat the couple times but then they both make the playoffs get a play Mcginn so it's like it's it's it's soon right soon after where is this case you thought about this you you learn from it I think more importantly for Villanova after that beating it happened in early December they've gotten so much better rights it's like it's like were not even the same team so we can we can this kill how they beat us but what we're going to take from it and we're going to use is the fact they destroyed us it's so negative become from getting beat that bad is it's dissipated because they've gotten so good They've played so well especially down the stretch into the tournaments so far he did the kind of invalidate said it's like I write whatever that doesn't matter as the walk were not even the same team but they did cautious now let's go get revenge on him so it worse than Dylan opens favor I think it to fit into ways which you know it is heart is this the pick against Oklahoma how good they are help deep they are you know how how efficient they've been a good They're coaches along Kruger's BT was is talking about I mean i of a heady route how do you go against villain over at this point well you look at the final score seventy fifty-five Oklahoma lead at opened the brought in bold that yeah with like it was in Pearl Harbor member or the preseason classic there so was in a home court advantage for anybody and you know some of the numbers there and TQ said that for the most part but he'll was held in check didn't shoot well took seventeen shots he was only six for seventeen I'm curious if there was a trend in terms of minute distribution that that I would might recognize from there the Nova's angle here let's see yeah like alike a lost cause havoc things yeah you know that we're on the road were million miles in like anything that is kind of a shot thirty-one percent they shot four for thirty-two from downtown I mean that's not going to happen you know forfeit thirty-two that's what would have percent my god even if free throws were bad eleven of sixteen what I would probably extrapolate from missing will get the Update is that I she was pretty interesting here so the Sooners took eleven free throws in that game they hit eight what those met how many needed it took a lesson and Villanova took sixteen twenty-seven combined free throws is a relatively low number would Young's both teams are doing a lot to shoot from the outside we're doesn't really surprise this had to watch them play yes because they're both like jacket out yeah behind that behind the arc which leads needed to to deduce whichever team to get a little penetration effect of Lee maybe has maybe that's the case one of the things to look out here alright thirty-two but it's past the hour.