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Listen: "We continue to look into the Sweet sixteen and the NCAA tournament"

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Kevin C. Cox
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Tony do the third period totally do Quinn on Yahoo sports radio Yahoo sports radio dot com study the year of the night sports radio thanks for joining us is you continue to look into the Sweet sixteen in the end suitable eternity and the Indian Hoosiers fresh off their win against Kentucky will go up against North Carolina mark I'm joins us from rivals dot com recovers that Hoosiers give us inside look good Tom Creen screw how are you my friend it's good to be here the Porsche this weekend I let son let's get some in some housecleaning out of the way here Robert Johnson how is his ankle and he is he going to play against The Cardinals it's very much up in the air because some Green said he's yet the it was a bad sign you have happened had a high ankle sprain which is really the toughest one to have it really does should shutout several weeks it came down on a the wrong way I played the first half and and was walking with the pronounced limp the rest of the game to not play the second out you know you I get him posse making giving him a golf but he puts a lot to lift in a jump shot just don't see him being within player even if you play so that's that's good yeah coming off the win against Kentucky I know the history between the two schools of you could give us a little bit of a primer on the on the history of the two schools and how they just kind a Disc continued their rivalry and actually what this win meant to the Indiana program well you know had met a marquee when the incidentally tournaments and you year haven't beat a higher seeded team of missed this got the dawn and that the double double bonus because the ditty can Kentucky he may have knock them off This Week sixteen in every Houston the play Indiana at home winning Lou are what was the basis I think for the ending of that long time series just four years ago you know it ended it with you know you know that you to win now it was pretty warm especially after they really UNLV teams at that he was You know come close to make that we have to Bello tournaments this year and then you homer promptly were are worn out like to give native she she Big Ten challenge and what they were playing any defense back then and somehow you know in a month after that.