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Listen: "Now it's a question of who the vice president will be"

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Darren McCollester
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Nine of their other day coming in another change he missed alignment Donald Trump is breeze and with as far as the Republican Party is can aren't so no contenders anymore he is going to be the nominee now it's a question of two will vice president be we started to come up with that a short list last week and I we could get into the new weekend will have another list of how about fantasy V apiece do you think would make the most excellent vice president that would probably never ever be tapped how about that if somebody asked you you're opinion who would you say should be the P on The Donald Trump card the could've Shore he would win the presidency in November in the General Election in Hillary Clinton is gonna have the same dilemma because so many people we don't like platter but say well he's the lesser of two evils and it's the same thing with Trump Ok I amend of Republicans so I guess I have to vote trumpet what's so shocking is Senator John McCain Lindsay Graham Senator Graham and so many others are saying that they won't go to the convention because trump is going to be the nominee Wow Kane important members of the Republican Party bailing on that gray know they Greatest Show easy way to say the Greatest Show on birth.