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Listen: "LaMarcus Aldridge with twenty six as the Spurs remain on blemish"

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Jonathan Daniel
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Mike frame Notre Dame takedown number two North Carolina we really got into a very good offensive rhythm in the second half and we want to keep driving the ball the get to the foul line certainly you know wasn't here winning the game South Carolina wins and a break Texas A M eighty one seventy eight Villanova the likely new number one seventy two sixty over prominence that was Merlin beating produce seventy two sixty one save your takes mark at ninety eighty two Kansas over TCU seventy to fifty six Virginia being PIT sixty four fifty Michigan State dropping over Michigan eighty nine seventy three and and end the two Wichita State twelve game win streak Illinois State wins fifty fifty three over that meanwhile Warriors beating the Thunder in the and be a one sixteen one away make it nine straight Golden State wins still perfect at home and Steph Curry with twenty six LaMarcus Aldridge with twenty six is the Spurs remain on blemish on their home for one of six one or two of the Lakers Blazers beat the Rockets ninety six seventy not a sport it's one away Wizards won all four he's just up the Pistons won twelve won all four Cavs head to the Pelicans ninety nine eighty four Sixers when their eighth one of three ninety eight over the Nets TE will stop the Bulls won twelve one o five in overtime as one fourteen Grizzlies one ten Jazz defeat the Suns ninety eight eighty nine and noteworthy In the Blackhawks five one over the Stars' top two teams out west I'm so we Wall This is Brendan Tierney and I'm teaching Barber was more special Superbowl Sunday show live from Levi's Stadium right the middle the action today I had two Eastern right here on CBS Sports Radio.