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Listen: "A federal reserve rate decision highlights this week's economic calendar" IRAN

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Ap update i'm ed on a hue and i'm suzanne a palmer from blue bird the world headquarters italy is headed state president sergio matter has outgoing foreign minister paolo gentle loney to become premiere of a new government gentille any provisionally accepted the request and told reporters after the talks he would refer back to the president as soon as possible he would sixty eight material ramsey is prime minister ramsey resigned a last week as premier after a defeats in a voter referendum on reforms people familiar with the process say president elected donald trump has narrowed his search for energy secretary to for people former texas governor rick perry is said to be the leading candidate to democratic senator is from energy producing states hiding high camp of north dakota and joe mansion of west virginia are also said to be in the mix in a big deal foreboding of the state run islamic republic news agency reports around the national air carrier reached an agreement with going to buy eighty aircraft worth sixteen point six billion dollars iran's transport ministry said the deal was the first of its kind in thirty seven years since the islamic revolution of nineteen seventy nine a federal reserve rate decision highlights this week's economic calendar bloomberg is karen moscow has more a gonna miss are looking for the federal reserve to raise it's benchmark interest rate on wednesday for the first time in a year as the economy purchase up in price pressure slowly bailed it's the same day we get a look at retail sales in november thursday it's consumer price is which means increase last month oracle and it will be systems are among the companies get up to report earnings and most down bloomberg radio us.