FBI Whistleblower: Why We Missed 9/11

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be information coming in during the spring and summer of two thousand line was quite extension at an you don't have to believe me it's in the nine eleven commission report it's actually in the two or three other official inquiries say occurred this there were so much information now it differently well malls different officials officials either wax for i do not share it mostly it was a question of not sharing information Ashley tweet mention that in his side and it is one of these points about these agencies not sharing information and that when some of the problem but it was also the problems on the highest levels that they had actually completely different agendas, i scoffed is a good example he winked terrorism inaugural a two thousand one as his lowest priority now he just mention it was him because he was sitting in some conspiracy had told Ashcroft do make terrorism you're lowest priority expected know he had a reason so that he he played violin crime is his main a main priority and the reason for that because he wanted to week energized the death penalty I mean I think that they're contradiction in terms reenergized the death penalty but he wanna get more death penalty case is any thought that violent climb would be the way to go i mean Nel had there were different reasons kind he rice with a Russian expert inn she waste say and scaling back PE BM treaty and then going to confront wash judge I know getting that cold war mentality going again so that which are bogus an Richard Clarke which one of be officials who had is here on fire in trying to get her then to deal with so the problem of allocated that they did yet warnings about how they didn't have be exact time in place that's what some people say well it is means genuine indication only exact time in place but yeah you were a lot of people that you know you could guess the place pretty easily Our arms are acting supervisor by the way it was not myself like hit a peripheral a line on nine eleven is still Legal Council I wish a person afterwards it said you know why are we can bring this up but are already acting supervisor on the phone an like made August about two thousand one and said to the people in headquarters don't you know this is a guy who could fly into the World Trade Center so all in you know why do pick the world's raising it well that was supplying are prior target I mean I mean it be forced posted its were supposed to be processing intelligence and then you claim that you have to have be exact time engaged that someone has descend doing indication yet you're not intelligent kind of be even see some of these things