Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Bathroom Bill

These are the political twists and turns that led to the passing of North Carolina's bathroom bill.

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house built to it sound so common to say now insane at some much over the last several weeks how did we get here exactly house built to or age speed to has become a household name in recent weeks the Reds trades things back to its inspiration of Stewart's That was back on margin second twenty fifteen why are we even having this conversation, in two thousand fifteen need was on that night following a public hearing of one hundred and seventeen people, that the Charlotte City Council pulled down a proposed plan, Chad the Categories American status familial status sexual orientation gender identity engender expression to the list of protected classes and City ordinances I personally have experience us discrimination, based on my sexual orientation tonight, you can everyone, not past the football, as a player, women and children city in danger of flashpoint in the public argument was the provision that would allow Transgender people to use public restrooms in accordance with ginger identity despite a late Amendment to the line, she was so, updated bathroom ordinance failed sixty-five, to go again was shown hands, Kay the motion and cemented his defeated, so fast forward about eight months, the mentor and for us, and a large, one November third twenty fifteen Charlotte elected a new linger, Democrat Jennifer Roberts, , again a right word and delivering on the mound as a major in the campaign most who elected that night to new city councilman verse Julie icing, and James Mitchell all three express support for the Pro L.G.B.T. changes that failed in March, moving along to the New year of Twenty Sixteen, next stop January thirteenth on the keys Larsson show I just got a call a few minutes ago that that thing about what bathroom can you P.M. as good as is that coming back up again I'm sure we'll find out very soon, it was only the stuff, so it is Mayor Roberts dropped a hand there are people, you are very concerned about us being eight eight equal you know we do have discrimination that's ongoing we have folks who Irving's for an against the Cousins there, and on the agenda identity and we want to make sure that we are welcoming inclusive play a few days after that conversation right here on W.G.T. this city formally announced plans to bring back the debate, on L.G.B.T. protections with another public for him and another vote scheduled for February twenty second, nearly eight, after the original Charlotte bathroom ordinance was defeated the new look City Council heard one hundred and forty speakers on another late night at the government setting, adding to get serious because I simply share the comments set to the majority of Charlotte team does, in a define ourselves either as the city legalized is discrimination for provisions, it's time to conclude the night by a vote of seven before the anti discrimination provisions past adding lesbian gay and Transgender people to the city's list of protected classes effective April first so we have that, have things end to four, and thank you very much, new Roberts is obviously, the governor, not so much moments of mayor Council, the decision, political, given that made it more, it was, the basics, one day later North Carolina House Speaker ten more called for legislative action to address the bathroom piece of the newly updated Charlotte ordinance on March third several more G.O.P. legislative leaders joined the calls, including Senate leader filled burger finally on March twenty first Moore and the tuning Governor Dan forest called a special session of the N.C. Legislature, well succumbed award, forty-eight hours later in general assembly improved house built to eighty-four twenty-five in The House thirty two to nothing and The Senate and just two hours after that, Governor look glory, time to build into a law, the restrictions of house built to go further than the original Charlie Morton and one of the reasons why the story has gained so much national attention and Su on April twelfth before he issued an executive orders I've come to the conclusion, but there's a great deal of this information, condition trip attention, today I have signed an executive orders his ordered fans discrimination on the bases or sexual orientation engender identity and seeks to restore the ride of people to Su per discrimination and we can't forget last Tuesday in Virginia, three judge panel of the fourth US circuit Court of Appeals with jurisdiction over North Carolina ruled that a bathroom provision similar to the one in H.D. too, violates the Federal policy on nine discrimination,