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Listen: "Have you ever seen anything like the collapse of Northern Iowa to anything"

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Tom Pennington
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Number one in the world in the clicking on studios news was ready Tony gave where you this is Tony four on Tony again you know me I've said this many many times I'd do gone into will not fall into the trap of seeing gave the last thing I saw the greatest thing I ever saw what I have to tell you I can't remember the first and second round like this should be unsuitable a term and I just can't look how moped or Cinderella I don't mind it in the first couple of rounds I love when they not come the door I love when they breakdown the door but I also have to say that this this tournament Phil to be with a lot of exonerated excitement wow those screens pay feeding it bottom great acts is all the way through to the end and end the same the same kind of formula lent themselves to what we experienced on Sunday I've never seen anything like the collapse of Northern Iowa to add anything I mean i am I have to compare each other sports in order to get a collapse into somewhat into some perspective the Czechs is in amenities scored twelve points in thirty-four seconds and they did so big Follows Northern Iowa fell apart completely they couldn't inbound the ball and when they didn't down the ball they got trapped in panicked in threw the ball the way they committed four turnovers and Texas a M forced overtime and I'm going to go to the Northern Ohio look like it got himself composed in the overtime Fran they traded some baskets hit some big shots but a win another double overtime frame and that's again were Texans or you know I'm just sort of prevailed and I I I knew I mean this and she early I feel bad for Northern Iowa but the reason nor their Iowa god into this game with Texas a damn is because on Friday night they about half court shot to beat Texas I mean i have not ever I have never seen a team two hugely emotional moments in back-to-back games the millions heavily Turbin I'm sure by really dig into the Archives I can find a couple but not off the top of my head well I literally watch your team win with half court shot over a Texas team we all liked right shock a smart we all light and then we get a little bit of this June of all of collapsed on all of the Panthers just falling apart to check sustained a game people kind a left to go see was going all of Wisconsin damn cabal by the way in case you were so consumed always going on with Northern Iowa Jags is a them Bronson Canning hits a shot from Wisconsin and they're going.