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Listen: "North Carolina kind of out worked Villanova in that first half"

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Streeter Lecka
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By thirteen and you went that's kind of a weird number two yup in the second half Miller said we got back to what we want to do and we want to play good defense sound defense we want to we want to get open shots we want to work North Carolina North Carolina con outworked Bill an open net first half in and I thought Villanova is fortunes started take a dive in the first half when Chris Jenkins got into foul trouble he picked up two fouls right away and went he set down his their second leading scorer this year when he said down that's when North Carolina kind of made their run than they kind of pulled away at the end of the first half and then in the second half when he's back in there and Villanova starts you know really held working North Carolina not that Carolina didn't work hard although and this is the controversy all opinion almost felt like Oklahoma put up a better fight to North Carolina against a win over.