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The Confusion Of War: Vietnam Vet Describes The Horrors Of The Tet Offensive

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Bob which stationed up north you stationed in where you an right around New Year's in nineteen sixty eight you had all present surprise video with their own 31 January of sixty-eight the TED affinity started in, week new things were different the he'll around all or landing zone first which much more enemy fire everything belt, that but so what's gonna happen I even wrote a letter home saying that an old 31 Jenny where that night at three IBM Rockies came an end or did they come in, hey do you know you know if you have push year been to a rocket but those that have it should be happening crackers the best way I could describe it. And hats millions and you can ever Hicham add David whole deep enough what you're bare hands yet UK had tried you can't ands but everything scramble Senate you're bringing an but who next thing I remember I was in the bunker and and the removing from in front of us and we were underground attack and an did that is we had in front of us which were angry nation small and the guys on the left and right others and it or did a lot worse and the one on the right were also a mole lie Warren occupy which were there who nutritional were there about twenty-two pretty feet away from us an their Booker which couldn't hit with or pages. And they were and everyone and got it the killer Boehner that night and it was saying they wish unbelievable hell thanks just you just can't believe that how you were, what you're doing and you're shooting and then you think what's going on an andand what have been I far there's no I mean oh ammo in my in my clip when you know it's it's a very confusing factored until one and I mean Tom pull when I came to my bunker Angie it obviously he had glad I mean I I nation Bosh where he had were hit hard and that's when I went to be other bunker and pull out the last pilot their gun and deal more. Andand Turkey into thee and thee Medic which kind the simple part the content and, but after that all the region the they didn't breakthrough in the grand was Australian and an old nineteen oh what's it old thirty tell the machine Jenny had set up there in the captain compelling them, and but it was very chaotic and we say no we got those guys that might my men were medivaced out and for the next three days not tweet stayed up and, but there's little voters until I got out how so how soon we so so you were you were on the ground actually defending yeah you're part you're part of way there as has been overrun