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Listen: "As they blew out the Pistons in the second half"

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Jonathan Daniel
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He's a block on frame good throws five true the final their back in action in Chicago Sunday afternoon right now the Wings in fourth spot in the division a point behind the Bruins they're still six ahead of Philly for the Watt last wild card spot philly does have two games in hand in San Antonio the Stars have been not perfect at home they remain perfect at home as they blew out the Pistons in the second half could get pitches played very well in the first half for the second half was off San Antonio me when it ninety seven eighty one hear Stan Van Gundy on FoxSports Detroit are ready to play to start in the third quarter was just like again in Detroit we were ready they came out with a lot more energy when we're ready they scored on their first four possessions we were walking around and then we just quip landed eight was horrible the second half Reggie Jackson had a big game Andre Drummond inning of a double double which is unique for him just nine and fourteen they're back in action Saturday at Madison Square Garden against the Knicks right now the Pistons are in the playoffs the ace but just a half-game ahead of Chicago the Bulls are going down we don't you know what but the Washington Wizards going the other way the Washington upper you know it's right as painful that could be I think they're going to make the playoffs the Pistons and four slam my opinion will be on the outside looking in but who knows they had a big stretch later in the month with a lot of home games Michigan State taking on the worst team in the Big ten Rockers and Michigan State was horrific in the first half Rockers was in the game was close but then that the Spartans just completely took over the game in the second half led by brind Forbes He had thirty-three points with eleven three pointers and here in the Big ten Network is the record setter or not torii Tom.