Listen: "San Antonio Spurs and it's really strange to see the Spurs operate without him"

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Doug Pensinger
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Playoff game ever in its history with P San Antonio Spurs and it's really strange to feed the Spurs operate without him he start he start both have in four thousand no point on Sunday and he goes out there and you know depending on the flow of the game he'll play dijo Paul rebounds Del beat him inside but it's not a team anymore and I know many has a major impact when it comes to be experienced always done he's a he's a great extension of coach Popovich on the floor any certainly does understand how the Spurs are supposed to play basketball there's nothing about their off enter their defense but he doesn't get he's not able to a team but if it not weird to feed Tim Duncan sitting on the bench with his warmup jersey on not the wedding not preparing to come in the game and even play in the fourth quarter against the Thunder on Sunday I'm not sure did it's very odd it you guys are watching Game three on Friday theme coming in for a late in bounds path he get filled in for a late him down pass begins one of the best Panthers in the game in his position and he's tall Philbin wanna have a repeat situation of the whole Dion Waiters Manu Ginobili math so Spurred in balloting he comes than in the final minute he Inbounds they get a bucket heard that I can ever exactly what happened any get subbed out again he gave in just get him back out and they get some down again and yet Tim Duncan we'll do anything to win he recognizes the forty years old he can play be uptempo game and he gotten foul trouble in that one game is playoffs where he missed a ton of easy shots Phillips it's hard to feed Tim Duncan in this role but I love the fact that he'll do anything to win for now that's my little Tim Duncan can get one we're talking about the old guys and how they rock looking for his first of the season he goes out there any kid's.