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Listen: "These with rotary controls instead of a traditional cure shipped" LASER

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Taylor Weidman
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These with rotary controls instead of a traditional cure shipped british researchers hailing a new treatment for prostate cancer scientists injected cancerous prostate with a drug made from a deep see bacteria that turns toxic one exposed to light then they activated the toxins with a laser beings two years on says researcher mark ambition off the patience that we treated with free of any disease and also the probability requiring radical crey and was reduced in the men the were exposed to the st none of the patience experienced the get the chance or an continents that can accompany conventional treatments so if it's approved it could lead many men to seek treatment earlier another potential lifesaver hickey parker cbs news and which jobs get the biggest bonuses this time even you surveyed from linkedin has ranked the russians that braun home the highest annual cash bonuses this year the surveyed minds investment banker associates braun home the most extra cash on average hundred thousand dollars surgeons and radio edges ranks second in there and ranking exploded see sweet titles the traina mitchell reporting there making a save news time thirty two mayor pgs saying at you whether it's he threw the same time save a prime mostly cloudy skies for this afternoon anaheim and fifty three him to be partly cloudy tonight no thirty one in the whole country to thirty seven and along the river walk aren't lease any warmer tomorrow heinz sixty four and a breezy on thursday some sending clown side fifty nine i'm steve williams with your a stevens roofing accu weather forecast loud forty six right now with san antonio severe whether statement by katie as a nfl one oh seven as the winning of that earlier france came when and loggains' you're a part ways was they france you found fortes handed rolling ridge dried katie essay time sabre traffic anytime online kate yes a dot com key were traffic i'm go to wix news updated one o'clock stay connected with news talk five fifty katie essay and now on fmam one oh seven one casey as a salutes the troops hello am i think r_g green andre category huddle guy her take care of a fairly i just want to say hello.