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Listen: "Donald Trump already planning his move into the White House, picking New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to assemble a transition team"

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John Moore
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The to be TB news trees action pal among Kirk would have that's the park road near ideal way fifteen people displace where the fire investigators now hunting because it's Tuesday had other presidential primary day but not a huge one voters in West Virginia Nebraska making their picks Donald Trump already planning his move into The White House speaking New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to assemble a transition team Christi's team will conduct a search for candidates to fill top candidate level positions in roughly a thousand executive Ranch job openings meanwhile is Tommy obvious reports there's more on the Donald Trump beats House Speaker Paul Ryan says he's willing to step aside as chairman of the Republican convention running save its Donald Trump show Donald Trump's rules he's a nominee how whoever he wants com withdrew with respect to the convention Ryan now also seemed to soften is tone after declaring he wasn't ready to endorse strong it's looking like Justin counties caught a versatile Garden Parkway is in trouble against a deal TSN Postcards to more than fifty thousand.