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Listen: Get to the business on hand or foot is the case may be here we go Wesley Johnson spot

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Get to the business on hand or foot is the case may be here we go Wesley Johnson spot what's the ship merrily I mean we said yesterday is because he pulled a practice today unless you guys know something that I'm not privy to I don't think it's a source started all but a lot of guys have peaks and trade right now and and Doc is very very good the training staff is exceptional the facility is absolute state of the art of ball club hasn't played mista they got every well Delhi's it is is available at a man kind in terms of pretty these guys and by largest if some certain let's let's let insisted extra days they did hardly ended yesterday anyway but other good solid practice today they get ready for a flight appeared Oregon with their play the Trail Blazers Apartheid well you to once is is usually have to settle a little he Meyer disagreement between Gina answer this is this is a minor Jimmy referred to Wesley Johnson is eight quote impact player unquote I thought that was too strong of a word out these media and Nice contribution of thought impact player with too strong a word is it or not is too strong a word I would reserve that but it makes a greater impact very effective creative running the well above and he's treated important part of the rotation the team we started the night that I think for three quarters He's a very very nice part of the puzzle but impact players start properly cold Jordan all Richmond Reddick which I Houston with its a higher level loser gains Did you argument Let's move along also know I have to keep doing what will arena when you have really upper hash align guys so you're saying that there are big three and would from so many goals he's on the far he has already been handed witness into the court here you brought a month same not so you call like DJ employee Ken Chris J Jay impact what's that next level then contributing I guess you know triggered guys don't contribute but but the two good ones of of impact changing his this is really kind of a silly it is settle a Ralph so the so are you learn I'm not hired is now my into thank you rough sort are you in Portland yet Simon on them the still love couple hours away from for Lind will hop A little fold upper flight tomorrow morning and get their midday so you don't mind the puddle jumpers as opposed to how long with the drive be well there'd be two and a half hours at the three hours of you always a little bit concerned about whether a nice in the roads up I don't like the drivers of the California let's cloudy so orchard i remember prep wasn't that's a story about the one time he only time you came close to miss a game was like when they could they shut the five through and they shut the ten freeway downs that that's right right come close I'm Isabel although that's right okay It was unbelievable Reese we've won six miles in six hours oh my goodness or what a night earlier miles of six hours is the longest six hours in my life that we kept calling the TV trucks thing I've got a problem is these opening two they missed the first order I'd made the first Pavel and I finally said return around a gone all in all but one three ugly game on TV The fact he would keep trying their hearts a something about that that's right didn't have much to ice I absolutely stuck in the space wow wow I saw on the on the subject of traffic I'm sure news made its way to where your peaceful resort that three teams have apply for relocation to Elway did you get excited about that others at still tempered enthusiasm.