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KitHub Makes Teaching STEM Subjects To Kids Easy

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Of kid habits posted how do for the thanks has to be here so kid how much accompanied is the place to find and sign as stan and environmental money can get here and have to break that down into simpler understand is that what he as i was the product yeah so there are there kits for kids all wet to its lone learners green technology engineering things on a range from creative much onyx kicks to underwater microphone to air quality monitoring catch and you're tennessee something for kids kinda my life islanders yeah we start the kids with the easy stuff too much time next get them comfortable left different idea ten hands on learning and then as a progressed damian on into things like hardly knowing building has you know this has this become your business this yeah fell into it a little bit i started the los angeles maker space about four plus years ago one and oh's makers it's is that mean again where anybody can common learn how to do why project and we work out and he la public library branches read about forty branches down so as i was working on his nonprofit i was continue the approach to asked how do we did this you know in our school and after school program and as where based in los angeles is really hard to reach people you have a routes so we saw his opportunity to start so that we can take will be learned from gelling maker space and bring that everybody off colin is this something that you're passionate about her but is your receiver passion.