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Listen: Markets also volts House today rebound in oil prices

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Graeme Robertson
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After saying some of these executions well understandable The shutting human rights minister Andy slow sisters the government must arms a questions ever it's relationship with county Arabia I want to see the application much more strongly it's a human rights in Saudi Arabia they're still so young man the protest in the wrong direction i mean I know nothing to not mean executed with elders because say but I'm too many each when they were arrested stock markets across Europe fell on the first full trading dive twenty sixteen has economic data out of China where eat investors China's factory activity fell fur tent straight month markets also volts House today rebound in oil prices UK correspondent nasty Powell reports halfway through the trading day London's foot see one hundred was down around two percent but the DAXX in Germany down within three and a half percent and the cat county in Paris down more than two percent European markets followed falls in Asia over concerns about china's latest manufacturing data China's Shanghai mansions in stock exchanges closed earning after a seven descent slump under in music circuit breakers system and brought in to stabilize markets.