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Listen: "We have to have an effective police force"

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KMOX News I'm avid stagnant seem like everyone within opinion wanna get into the first of three public hearings on a propo settlement between Ferguson than the Department of Justice dozens of people turned away at the door because they couldn't fit into the city council chambers about those who did spoke their mindset Comedians in the decree place in under the burden on the city the ticker GIVE requirements from on firstly that happened that the police force and one that is really did not allowed like a three ranging don't failure beat the consent decree could mean costly litigation for the city to more public meetings will be held won the Saturday at two p m at the Ferguson Community Center and another next Tuesday night at seven PM at Ferguson city hall police are searching for whomever shot a seven year old boy in Sault Saint Louis late to stay in the truck in the rear rented was conscious and breathing win first responders arrived happened just after nine thirty in the thirty nine hundred block of South grant this is Kevin Killeen a big pile of marijuana on beat evidence table one hundred and thirty six pounds civilian plastic bags and a former Hazelnut post a worker is in big trouble in this federal trial quit and cook accused of stealing with three other workers of The Haze a would distribution center three addressed the pot so they could get to a only outside i'm Helen Mehran and it Horsley Frank and on sense and a British lady but wiser teams up a fiasco award winning actress to started movement that stands apart from the typical drunk driving PSI by calling on drivers to protect their live San the lines of others if you drive drunk you simply put.