Listen: "Popovich expected to coach tomorrow night against the Bulls"

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Maddie Meyer
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Popovich who is home to an undisclosed family medical issue fill in at Tor Messina happy not to mess things up too much should've Russian is a well Rusher goes on tried to say if the wheel and trying to the steering trying not to set up enough to disappear straight when he's ready to go that is at shortly was Isis first name is seen as a very successful European coach has now the number one assistant in San Antonio who Popovich expected you coach tomorrow night against the Bulls Damian Lillard forty-one points in the Blazers went sixteen one and I know two win over Washington to Atlanta ninety-one Utah eighty-eight the Knicks lost in Denver one ten ninety-four where the Nets lost in Toronto won all four ninety-nine and The Lakers beat the Magic One oh seven ninety-eight that's two straight wins for L.A. the Celtics hope to have four Jared Sullinger timing is Memphis he spent the last two days in the hospital with a skinny infection of the Braves in Marlins will play their July third game at Fort Bragg in North Carolina eight twelve thousand seat stadium will be built by M.L.B. and the Players Association of the ashes of Simon A.J. things to an extension on the heels of their first playoff appearance in a decade exact terms not disclosed On Ice Dallas lost in O.T. to Montreal for three the Islanders to the Penguins won it and this crew into forty-six having O.T. win last night.