The Battle For Iwo Jima: A WWII Marine Remembers The Horror

Robert Price of the 4th Marine Division recalls the battle for Iwo Jima in February and March 1945.

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my unit didn't assault it was the first way, we were in some succeeding way but we work of first weight defense, and I remember they were a hell of a lot of chances, , some guys still floating in the water holding onto this Island was vital to the defensive mainland Japan and the Marines face stiff resistance. Really foe, and I know, a couple of our officers, Jill, we were going to get kicked off a dual, you don't have to hold that can fill try to get that kind of shifts they show soon, their defense if I was definitely, ash Perth definitely, those guys are worth flying tougher, managed to make it, the Flames raising with a smile, Boston, at the other end, on February twenty third a group of Marines made it to the Summit Cup most robot she, open, this is what we're trying to work, place was assigned to his company C.E.O. as a radio man, and this, for a five foot, and ten extension, only crawled out of the foxhole I'm volunteer early stops, the him there was, La, but it never heard of my life, new immediately with felt was, it is a nice all the little jolted like that, and sure enough, that , he, I had fire, and the Clippers, right now the close of my ear, with that and there's a intent on ice Wright also Radio, I mean that units, luck so it was, the intense gliding was too much for some of bobs comrades, and Chevrolet these fellows broke down, it well, mentally I remember a healthy Navy for months, hold down some Marines that we're fighting with the Erste by the mythical rounds, the stretching, and, I remember, for their core men with take care of, there's little path deals, we'll see rest of morphing. And it, to have those guys, squeezed a two van with them, matter of, a few minutes probably, with that guy stretching rounds, self with subsidence, but we had a few man, before we go, can we hit the road team of it is just simply crept up, I was fortunate, kaep might cool, tonight, in