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GOP Consultant Matt Mackowiak On Trump's Victory

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Scott Olson
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Yeah it's the polls are almost exclusively wrong in this race in the media did everything they could make it impossible her come to win i mean overcame an what's not mccovey x he's president of the potomac strategy group talk about donald trump's historic victory becoming the forty fifth president of the nod states by beating democrat hillary clinton i got the sense when you mention enthusiasm i got the sense elise talking to my friends said my small little world here in new jersey that this was part anti hillary part anti establishment and part pro trump you know i think that's right in if you look at the polling that we look ill will ask you know two months basically seven out of ten voters so that they were voting against a candidate not for candidate we've never had you know a race for president history the country were both candidates we're huge more nebulous because when and that's what trump and hillary both pat did you get the sense that mr sums victory speech was the start of a healing process yeah are not been a big santa trump's throughout the general action but i must say i was very impressed with this with his victory speech tonight he was can we're torrey he was home ball thanks to number people that were very helpful to him he praised hillary clinton for life tunnel public service you talk about being president all american the very very good start the work now began he's got to build a team he's got a you know it's talbot's what his immediate goals are going to previous to work on the transition to hurt phillip cabinet you know really bone up on foreign policy national security no one is prepared to become president when it comes to foreign policy national security that's something you can only gimmick sprints that you need to by doing good job but but look tonight i think he's you mean a very good step forward in and more i'll be watching and i think all americans with the voting for donald trump or not we all need him to succeed now the country is not in good shape were headed in the wrong direction a lot of big challenges it's not met mccovey act president of potomac strategy group twenty minutes now a part of the hour on this morning america's first news.