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nascar- Listen: "Manning in down learned aren't there's another is that with time"

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Taylor Weidman
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On the somber and fd a websites about o'neill fox near the busiest travel time of the year upon us workers in chicago's o'hare airport who voted to strike said to announce tomorrow when the strike will start service worker seeking union right ten of fifteen dollar in our wage another win for nascar jimmy johnson johnson drew brees important manning in down learned aren't there's another is that with time it and be see jimmy johnson takes the checkered flag in a four ego boos four hundred at homestead miami for his fifth win of the season and his seventh career sprint cup that ties johnson for the most all time with richard petty and dale aren't hard johnson hanging on in overtime to win at home stand they wreck gold race with seven caution flags that took carl edwards out championship contention with ten lapse remaining kyle larsson kevin harvick joey leg on a one jamie make murray rounding out the fun five in the forty go boost four hundred man up all time no box news average price again as now to twenty and gallon according to the lindberg surveyed the high in san diego i two dollars seventy three sense the low and postup tulsa oklahoma and a dollar seventy eight me cilic sam news radio now from the dream asian society of minnesota weather center mostly clear and surely tonight with lowe's close to twenty what's a sunshine for tomorrow temperatures a little warmer high stretching to get close to forty degrees rain and snow possible tuesday some slot she accumulate into into wednesday i meteorologist mais michaels on twin cities newstalk eleven thirty right now it's twenty three and the it's time for your a tv and one save hollywood walk of fame honors celebrating the performers writers and producers from film television fearing music or a part of the hollywood landmark it's on starting at eight seven functional honesty w also on wednesday for the last of in ninety a fan you only sees thanksgiving day parade at eight seven central on nbc's and that's your team eats a bar and i her radio com lines t _e_r dot com blanked or dot com information that ended perspective between cities news talk dot com.