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Listen: "If Duke wins the game, than you can end up with an all ACC Final Four"

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Lance King
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And I know what's going on Anthony we're going to question our energy or Nick and you our youth if you thirty-four nimble thank you very honored on you lindor in it your beard on a monster eight so let me you have as Pau how can Oregon upset Dubi well Oregon's the number one seat induced a number for once the second question and he noted kind of you altered he emerged initially feared all AP will move on Thursday yeah let's take a look at it first of all Horrigan dance going to be a great game no interior depth again they just don't bang me on offense a boards very well that's why they lost dogs North Carolina on the regular season's an Ali that's why they lost in Notre Dame in the ACC tournaments they struggle with I think their point guard play is is average at best they blew a twenty-seven point lead against Gael almost and last but they won the game Gordon is a team that really we now spreads the floor they play small they go actor teams weaknesses obviously they're gonna do that I Dating you know obviously deuce guy Grayson outing Brandon Ingram there that led to the video do the most damage it would appear to Mayne I think Oregon's gut you know more players obviously it's dude wins the game then you can end up with an all ACC the Final Four and it would the Slate Night kind of a junior favorites to make it out of the region's as number ones do good need to upset Oregon and then Oklahoma and M winter I you know I doubt it I think there's going to be some Big twelve representation in the final four as far as making it to the Elite Eight I mean let's take a look at it I mean do I think that they can get to the Elite Eight you know I think Miami's got their hands full the Dylan O I game Duke's I got their hands folded or again these are those are Thursday night games at you know it's gonna be a great game Iowa State is senior laden very tough they're going to give Virginia all they can handle Syracuse again Zach a Syracuse plays a great look you know they well great sound defensive are great at it I get were in the first two games of they do it again they can big M's Agatha and obviously I North Carolina can beat Indiana I think most people think they will but then again everybody thought that Kentucky was going to beat Indiana and look how that turned out so do i think Bill all advance now and in Indianapolis here I'm CBS Sports Radio.