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Sterling K Brown Thanks His Three 'Sister-Wives' For His Emmy

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Larry Busacca
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Sterling kate brown who was nominated alongside his coast alongside his co star too but not known activity again he was not made for lead tremor david tremor in john travolta and people worth thinking okay what's travolta a year ago but given to him big movistar comes back to do a tv show he's gonna get it and i thought he was going to get to suffer shut it that he doesn't deserve it but i thought for sure is gonna get it and another great surprise sterling k brown all wins best supporting actor in a limited series from the people vs oj simpson and obviously deservedly so thank you to the academy allow you may not have known what was but you check the box anyway and that makes me very for him to the community that have supported me up to this point in my career as a lot of people in saint louis making a lot of noise right now moment i can i love you go and so then the next thing that he says towards the end here he taught ii b talks about his wife's the toughest three wives he talks about his wife and then this became sort of a running day here's what he said and missed this continued throughout the evening was the sort of a pull it was during this whole thing or have three sister lives big love style that i have to recognize katherine pahlsson where you i just tried to support miami stockton thank you for sixteen great use my do manager frame can win tonight sixteen hang time serena popular believe i've got the hottest chicken again roger.