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College Basketball

Listen: "It is the best conference in America right now"

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Rob Carr
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Their zone they don't allow the very long they don't allows shots out there good shots no one takes good shots again Syracuse outside and unless you can figure out the zone and pound it inside and get to Ram you're going to lose to him then a non again about amuse as that I have even on a had that allows the record of nineteen and surging whatever it was I don't believe they I've personally don't believe they deserve to be an but I understand why they got in and it's because of his reputation his six as the Barons that his friends and he's got so much juice in an with an everyone in basketball anyone in that Committee everyone in the business of college basketball respects him Band there's some people that don't lie jam but they all respect damn again that there's schedule was so brutal been the ACC so you understand the most teams standing now I think BC games and they are It is the best conference in America right now clearly in the end you know turn it they proved it they're the they have the most live standing and I game Bedz Syracuse's schedule and they're tough games that they've played proves how tough they are in that the ACC made him though they are their record was not indicative of how good they were the record was indicative of how tough the ACC as and the fact that they won nineteen games and a lot of those games in an and you know conference play is why they got into the tournament and then in the tournament they played teams that are from small conferences and a completely took advantage of them and now they're going to play another small Conference game in Ghent sag Ana but the problem areas is that in sag out is a better basketball game right now than Syracuse there is senior laden team that just Green's their way through those two games and killed Utah three seed so believe me it again plays Syracuse I think it'll be a good game in that they're not going out it's not a likens added to shoot threes and can sagging pass to pound the ball in aside and they got Alliance about as well during company work in the blocks because outside their dead meet inside I think that they can be a problem for Syracuse they were a problem for every one in this tournament so far again sag I didn't has looked fantastic eight five five two one two four two two seven is a number to get on the bench cover getting out of around offense dot com ever again get my Texas get the email everyday center subscriber You can also just signed hand on the side everyday to get the pace if you're on light Jamell you're not getting email explanations long enough just on the side and signed an everyday you get the picks the Podcast is on their stars so this show videos You can see all that if around.