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Listen: "Especially their defense and Peyton Manning you know"

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Mike Lawrie
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Morning a mean you know and i'm doing great Banks OK before saw one of them graduate to the Denver Broncos your defense and Peyton Manning you know and also Kubiak and way but above the moment happy to see way for those comebacks after getting to know that go bodies and Jason Wes I was very upset about it and go out and Rudy Gay with the Denver Broncos fell off some bomb going nowhere on tape on about Cam Newton general when Miami which are dead to boil again in all was gives way when he ll get his wages all power in in all be a Subban but I just think that and generally get paid out of Peyton Manning's well I'm de classy quarterback you know maybe that will help him in a future but I just think Oh I think of May players have been Cam Newton was over a doing she then you know because I'm a degree the quarterback and but I think they have event had a real good didn't really get really shown that ended his then they did you know then and they've been the better but has proved that can una tonight you know he claims Silverman where they were the kryptonite for this game though the then so if anything I has had a goal number I don't Robin what they did and I'm I'm really excited by the Super Bowl fifty one coming Houston Texans that's right Johnson last week on radio Rowin he believes that one not only the part of the committee for the Super Bowl next year but he believes that Houston can match what favorites is going to did what was pretty impressive mean San Francisco with everything that was downtown the anecdotes period Super Bowl City Radio row all of that being in downtown San Francisco he said the game was far outside the city but it was really done well a lot of people talking about the atmosphere there in San Francisco all week so we'll see what he used to get there but I've got to do my mom lives there so I can't wait to take an opportunity to spend extra time and mom thankfully No with after hours of a Milord fear on CBS Sports Radio.