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Neurensic's David Widerhorn On Starting His First Company At 12

One of Forbes' "30 under 30", Neurensic's David Widerhorn talks about how he started his first company when he was 12.

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the been good but it started out well, London and impending computer hardware component, years old everybody, tonight's, I have the the focus and hit the back on a flight always, you know been a huge technology computer, growing up, and when I was minor time back with easily over four eighty-six slow you know my dad yet Avila computer scratched and I really just Canadian enough Ryan if you look at building computers today that have barely common and dubious pass grade the back end computer parts really complicated way due are really compatible each other anywhere really tough to the except for very specific set up, and the brunt of actually building a computer, was pulled by costly surprise of the new put together expensive towards the computer burnout I'm also to brawls or so, and really provided sounds community, I welcome in could I realized that other and beauty of what you are reading about someone problems, motivated me to form a company like could bring on the information gathered, and try to provide the public of clarity on a true performance and compatibility these parts, it was a really fun adventure a re signed a petting seven people work with me, only the only Raleigh thirty to forty from the Euro, he's dual, , , but the bench, I think he experienced more than anything, yup opponent at my mom helping you and you know payroll, there are hoping knew it, you know that meowed, you know what, look much, but you know experience may me really realize money, love contra uno, and more importantly I think it made me realize that above committed to a college, I could really if that means culture,