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Listen: "Protecting freedom of conscience from government discrimination act"

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Drew Angerer
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Second term Governor it's over so interim Governor for this Governor for the state of Mississippi and courageous lay signed what is called a protecting freedom of conscience from government discrimination act one month ago today Governor Bryant thanks for joining us tells Sandy is such an honor could be with this morning and tricolore Rick Nash will fail prior but just be owner show with all that you've done and your laughed and with serving lord and and those a first or Al lead the league trying to be active and spirits the right manner and in particular those boasted also have to be involved in the last two you are in that Curry can grow as is a have art I was then plans for over twenty years now I have seen be impacted he is made all that used I had late only lyric Nicole current supporting those of us that leave it which is standing before what leash simply only or religious freedom the winner Bryant was this a hard decision for you you know that the governor of Georgia refused to sign a similar Bell and I think another Governor as well be the ACLU as bragging about that actually and a great been businesses are coming down on North Carolina sure they probably are on Mississippi as well was this a difficult decision for you to sign a spill it was not ascending behind you and we lived through this or but I ripped for STAGE With but wall and the restoration of religious freedom two years ago but nothing to this and yet I was so what's the first that earned the victory momentous attract if you will goalie all the only Governor softest early governor but the entire state of machine and that was the troubling or is the social Chris since the layoff he wore pushing him agenda older than protecting religious freedom traditional All simply say is that the government but government shall not clear the night against some warrant or religious in fifty-eight or individual but government or a steady Mississippi or political stuff leakage glimmer ready to learn discriminatory was all against an individual faced only is First Amendment over first limits I'd like to expression of religious freedom but that simply all that does since the state show about coming in and earn youth or take your tactic that champs all hole to criminally were spots all for each bursting your work but people you know religious freedom so we're trying to hit people from discriminatory actions let's see the Italy that we attacked old Estate the vow angry individuals who dealt there never taken an opportunity tried to attack the shifted the coast simply of alarmist Berlin Wall it was.