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Listen: "I really did not believe that we could win this game tonight"

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Ezra Shaw
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Terry along Jerry and how to carry him wonderful brother thank you for our younger so glad to go ahead four year old school Denver guide my day guide to that gives the sixty four and I under Weiss the Broncos lose every game they ran for me I mean a areas and I really did not believe that we could win this game tonight and their defense was also Cam Newton never suited to it I was really surprise with the where they can take a going after him just because of how big he is and I don't think Cam Newton's been hit like that a very long time I think he for caught what it was like to be hit like that is all Offenses play well I think it in their last weapons that is often stepped up and rose to the challenge the so far this year terrier up until this game Terry I think a lot of things went their way and it's been a long time since Cam Newton has had to deal with the punishment lucky took today from Denver Yeah I think Wade Phillips you know I want to do a seven than trying to complete rushed seven guys three times I've never seen that and football I was really I was really surprised by Decker's remember in that game a couple weeks ago against against New England there was a three-man rush basically throughout the entire game there was almost a two-man rush a couple of times in a couple of those plays I saw there's a great deal respect for Tom Brady would just how he can you deal with the blitzing get rid of a blitz very quickly he put a lot of pressure on Cam Newton I thought he came up dime it's because Cam's never been in that situation before he's never been in the Super Bowl and I don't know if they've actually had to deal with the defense quite as good as Denver there's some good defenses that Arizona has a good defense but I don't know if they play against a defense that good like I really respect every day fans during Wade Phillips as a defensive coordinator and it but he pulled out all the stops i'm in this era to lower ice is one two in the last I went to the right side that Cam Newton did based on the rest of the game yeah I thought I was I can we still impressed with and I know that they had some turnovers on the often subsidence who came away impressed for the most part from what Carolina de un met them not a couple of times with watching C.J. Anderson running Terry thank you very much for the call buddy what you'd Terry watches C.J. Anderson run I thought that they were going to be able to lined up a little bit later on and pounded out they weren't able to do that they forced a lot of third Mall and basically it turned it into it too down possession for Peyton Manning is going to be able to convert third Long's with paid not much anymore because of the physical limitations that he has a focal begin together with a very good defensive game plan how we give up or less than two hundred yards combined total against the Denver Broncos all fronts tonight that's why we're going to have such over reactions to what Cam Newton didn't the postgame still a great football team it's a bad game bad real bad side of a bit whatever happened in the football game it's one day were maybe fewer plate all ones their next Sunday who knows what to come up with credit where it's due both could be fences today both good game plans today one team turned it over and the defense for Denver over the Denver Broncos in Wade Phillips for Seau's turno and win after Cam Newton and forced him into some poor decisions as well eight five five two one two four CBS Troy in Vegas your next up on CBS Sports Radio.