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The Bruins Consistently Improve Individually Regardless of Overall Talent

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Maddie Meyer
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Do the best when the team has not doing well I think days sort of among their fans anyway and I know it's all sort a relative here the NFL in the NBA are obviously Bigger draws in the NHL our but in terms of fan interest in passion and everything like that I think the Bruins the well even when they're not that good so I understand talking about the bandwagon and everything but you know talking about the history on the fact that search is Sampson often Jason Allison that was music six one seven seven seven nine seven ninety-three seven is the phone number three seven ninety-three seven is the number on a tax line I was listening to Sunday skate today with DJ and Joey and then Pete and they did a great job and that said the hear that show I I think that was the last one writer's seasons over another make you don't but one thing that they've mentioned which is something that I think you definitely have to search to look at your when you evaluate the Claude Julien era is how many players in the last two years many players are beginning initiate or improved how many players really got better Brad Marchand no argument there that's year Brad Marchand career no question how about so many young players how about some of the older veteran shut out some of the new guys he brought in other Brad Marchand other than Matt bless Key and other than obviously Patrice Bergeron or you can and end Loui Eriksson to a lesser extent even though you know the actual sort of Swinging With Jim all year other than that I don't really feel like anybody got me better anybody was demonstrably better at the beginning at the end of the year in there were to be inning and he got guys that you brought in light kid the light Colleen Jimmy Hayes who were awful once I mean there's no other way to say it they were bat and this I don't know if you can necessarily put all that the head coach and Co Julian while being the winningest head coach in Bruins history as better around for some truly awful and City Year I mean we're talking about a guy who was bend the coach for one through nine seasons which is a lot but you know even so much that it so I thought for hockey it's not a lock for like a world or anything what if tenure coach in in in the NHL right now but let's take a real good look at some of these years here in two thousand and nine.