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Listen: "There's risks in every sport"

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Jonathan Leibson
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I know I can see we're gonna talk about this but it is but you but you know that is a quad but little chip for their life what went wrong color he admitted to concussions well somebody but the ball training let's in one of the other kids played or you couldn't play active there are ready to a concussion better Levitt here though and then there was the word that you know mail or the called the country that you don't know about but if their foot hit me like Ok but up there he will be couldn't do have some woman to take the ripped for Mark it the Fletcher pitch Cueto where you can fill up the rhythm eight pit when all year old with them at their ticket and there's No when I got to geared phones going to miss not their corner but I get the point you make and Russian rule that I get what he's saying I'd love for my kid to play but I know there's a risk his right that says you good way of saying it what if he's but what if he's that one kid who does suffered a severe injury ball because I was all get for him to play football there it there's wrist in every sport there is but it's like where's football well it's it's been a more severe it's like saying yeah dog can but you but a pit bull by two does a lot more damage well you can get injured playing a sport but if you have a guy runner that showed the equivalent of getting in a car accident each you know every time you play it and I Paris didn't stop my sister and I from doing gymnastics people the concussions and get serious injuries and gymnastics but when you get hit in football I mean it could be a more severe enjoy people are in wheelchairs beat you know with the you know spinal injuries from gymnastics I mean some are NFC is so I run let's go to our Robin flat rock you're a ninety-seven win the ticket we're going to get one of late as June with a doing I really a big pitch of the at the Boys I'm older one that little school who suffered a concussion in it we're done we made it was just like it into a helmet and he had to sit out for all year after she induction.