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Listen: "He started having hundreds and thousands of seizures just like that"

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Joe Raedle
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So Brandon has a condition called fires fab rile infection related epilepsy Syndrome Brandon with a healthy child for the first eight years of his life right he developed a Federer aisle L mess that basically attacked his brain overnight he started having hundreds of thousands of seizures just like that right medically induced Cole month nineteen pharmacy to calls later they go nerve stimulator and planted in his chest two pharmacy locals today and he still seizing three to five times a day that today I laughed my home knowing them Brandon had five seizures and any seizure can take his life my guy I should not have to stay home and put my hand on his chest to make sure that he's breathing knowing that they're something out there that could potentially save his life or alleviate his pain absolutely agreed were what the winning grow Tampa Bay winning grow dot com.