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Stocks Roundup - October 4, 2016

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Spencer Platt
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Are quote completely unfounded celebrating a team worth day to day vacation to gray starred cutting johnson is twenty seven supergirl star melissa morneau iced the twenty eight and which clueless star rose to fame after appearing in three arrow smith music videos that would be only see a silver stone who today turns forty years old and we'll have all the latest eleven he news tonight at seven on cbs three and twenty four seven and et online dot com from the most trusted names and entertainment and news et and kyw newsradio ten sixty i'm michelle turner he one of the news time six twenty five it's time for business spoke to my city tempered with jeff challenger from bloomberg business interest worry is way down stops down the key and axis fell for second day in a row the dow jones industrial's fell eighty five points nearly one half of one percent two eighteen thousand one sixty eight and that's not closed eleven point lower the s and p five hundred last ten the conference boards measure of global ceo confidence retreated slightly in the third quarter reversing a small second quarter pick up but in shepard son of pantheon macro economics told bloomberg he's encouraged by a recent turnaround up smaller us firms finally capital spending plans in the small business sector check track through the nfi be small business of a that picking a pretty quite nicely i'm a huge change atp's estimate of last month's private sector hiring will be released in the morning the next space race maybe waged by corporate america the ceo of blowing says his company will beat you on mosque to markers i'm jeff knowledge or bloomberg business for kyw news.