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Listen: "Walt Disney have announced that Harrison Ford is going to be bringing back his role as the iconic archaeologist" 

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I'm sorry win in it home I think come on the you know in one argument Murray was the third one one of them Sean Connery was as bad come right and so now he's gonna be older than Sean Connery was than in the next one say I don't care it's it's gonna Jones is the cells are not pumped about it the old TV show bonanza knew in more Green was a father right and he had like five Suns Little Joe was that the coupon Michael Landon and the oldest song look like he was older than Lorne Green that's already have so my trivia question feel you just talked about the third installment of Indiana Jones and the last crew Sayed where they they introduce a character as the young Indiana Jones which they made a great TB shown early nineties less about result in an half call the young Indiana Johns chronicles blocks that honestly W I know that that I'm not death yes Ok at the time but said the young Indiana Jones in that movie do you remember who that active was his he's no longer around he died very early as result but yet is great actor Yes I remember now his walking brother River Phoenix that's Correct wow yeah he was young Gagne Jones you're close out no longer around but they Chris it crystallize in it so funny last Indian Johns when the allies in the mid in my mind so I've got the ability to sometimes really see an image from the passing the crystallize in my mind image of the two of them I believe in a restaurant I think he was in a restaurant one point during that movie you know from a though the mid this just brings back memories music flashbacks of watching those movies wants those again because it's thirty years since Harrison Ford made his big swing debut Indiana Jones now returning Walt Disney and I'm announcing her supports gonna be bringing Mack is role as the iconic archeologists now what was Pearson forwards big screen debut there's a trivia question added on L screen TB you I'm thinking like listening on some Western and he might in what I'm thinking of his American graffiti was that his big screen to visit between eighty-one people listening or screaming at the radio now has than they know the answer one way or another regardless and he is made it an life there's No Doubt he's a successful they are one awards a hero he is a hero he landed that playing in the golf course has saved noon from hurt anybody in the streak or how us that they're not so it coming cool go a skinny Seventy Seven like we talk about when this movie comes out and two thousand and nineteen deck as you think about the people that you in the team Alderson financial.