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Listen: "Kobe Bryant losing his final visit to Chicago, one twenty six one fifteen"

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In time to get sure update your Headlines Bowditch Anthony Davis scored more than our boy repeat on this winter weekend get away to the beach fifty nine points in twenty rebounds for the big Pelican in a one eleven one no six win in Detroit yesterday afternoon was another or Can I hope that they can try free readable another Sano made the most So usually struggle to put up meaning where so it doesn't feel like that's the fifty nine points a franchise record Davis joined Shaq and a wilt as the only players Devereaux with at least fifty five points and at least twenty boards in a game Kobe Bryant losing in his final visit to Chicago won twenty six one fifteen Derrick Rose it's one more with twenty four points each for the Bulls the Raptors down the Grizzlies ninety eight eighty five in Charlotte won in Brooklyn one of four ninety six in Dallas blood philly won twenty nine one No three would have been skewed passing twenty nine thousand career points he is so excited about it for the first sleeve FOA two baskets here in their Derek so he can Wade excited and again you think you can have a farewell tour he I guess not I mean the Dallas fans want to have a farewell tour yeah and they're going to they're going to really urge him to have a farewell tour he just gon na comeback nice and simple Dirks mad expected to sign David lead today while Anderson very show says he will be a warrior both veteran forwards just cleared waivers and they closes finishes NASCAR began electronic scoring in nineteen ninety three Denny analytic snuck past Martin true action junior to win the Daytona five hundred yesterday won that one hundred of the second the difference Hamelin winning his first five hundred a first for twenty yoga and the first were Joe Gibbs racing in twenty three year data when it for the boss after twenty three years it's just there is no better feeling than what I have right now is becoming you all appreciate that That's an interesting said they electronic scoring first Art in ninety three ninety three so what would have happened in nineteen ninety two with yesterday's finished a photo I don't know what they actually have physically used a foe that's my guess I guess it would've video to yeah but electronic scoring means that there suburb of Lee's or the closer leave him I believe WWD it's computer I just think in the car that triggers a goes along the line by me clearly there monitored that's why you can see how faster going down a like the thousands of a Close that was that was kind of the with of offender yeah thing is I'm is it you think seem a number that it's actually wouldn't be visible the difference but it's obvious when you see to freeze frame of the finish line that he clearly clearly wins by I guess the photo would be the only other option for ninety three and so let's even go back before like videotape would really be used instantaneously like the seventies or the sixties are you talking about having to just take a million photos at the finish what I guess this is a horse racing has done it for a long yeah or or back in the day right just somebody snapping a million foe does not like a waiting for the one moment because you could deftly screw that up yeah how many times of we all take a picture with the camera phone and thought like I'm going to get this at the you know what his guys at the plate like what he swings and you totally Butcher yeah right but this would this would end up depending on you to define who won eighty sporting of and at some point Sousa just a dude's eyesight could been was the guy can they can if you look in down at the line wave in the flag in just hole but he sees correctly who goes across before all of this suggests the like that's probably the first couple of Olympics yeah right just somebody that kind of like the old Greek Olympics so we just Aaron and if you add some beef with whom the who won it I know.