What Does Memorial Day Mean To You?

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today, it's the beginning of a long Memorial Day holiday weekend when we come together as a nation to remember an honor the service in sacrifice of the men and women who have paid the ultimate prize in defensive our country and freedom Dan Claire after racking were veteran is the national director of communications for the disabled American veterans and he joins a snap than what does Memorial Day mean to you, now for me personally I think of the folks, I served weapon an appeal those folks who didn't make at home and I think a lot of veterans have someone, they know who to pay deal from attack by so it's just a very personal holiday for veteran how you try to communicate the true meaning of Memorial Day, I I think, most veterans to move gone to other countries and served another an worse, we've seen where other countries don't have to Quality of life that we have here in the ninth states, being home, I'm enjoying the quality life we have I.I.I. I hope everyone has a great weekend we want all our are citizens to enjoyed, they're they're weekend, but it is important and we feel very important for people remember that it's not really the unofficial start of Summer it it Memorial faith today that we remember, the secret fue, I'm a deal that sacrifice for country so we just want people to keep that minded, I'm trying to something in and some small way to recognize an extraordinary sacrifice so many people made, he did some examples well I mean attending some of the offense that are going on the struck country, that's night, that's a great thing to do, if it in the course of barbecue or something you know someone to even able to stand up and say something about on top of that sacrifice I think that's good, we have some stuff that we're doing our remember that dot org is a website we have were people can create a tribute video fate Noah veteran who served thanking veterans this time year even though where we're remembering the fall one, thanking them for their service and recognize think that that this is a challenging time you're for them is is also good thing to do, one chatting with their rank worth veteran and the National director of communications for the disabled American veterans Dan Claire,