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Joe Piscopo: The Reason Donald Trump Is Resonating

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Chip Somodevilla
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This is the acts of terrorism that's been the list ear and the broken on them and the world done by Islamic fundamentals and then Frankie semi something over the smaller look at this lookin and a good morning it's good we're going have a great day I don't I don't want to ruin your day by talking about all the negative things you know nine minutes at the six a clock a look at the some going through walls from from yesterday you know from the Brussels two Su said moment in interested in symbol demanded I was March nineteenth five guests you know and and you forget the scene spoke on wrongly forget all these things are these January twenty seconds January twenty-first Gentry fifteen twenty plus kill you call some room and this is awful one of widely reported you look at all these terror attacks were it's constant it's never ending an yes it came here in San Bernardino it became a came here in many many ways and not ones on top of it and how do you stop that you have to be addressed that you have to be very severe and that's why Donald Trump is resonating you know when he says don't know Muslims come in and now Ted Cruz says he could pick option control Muslims very about muscled areas that you see that all you have to be It is very vigilant and if you're an Emmy can't be out now given these so it doesn't sound racist as an Italian when the mob was a black and everybody come out with the boys a whack at everybody they win at that we complain we think of playing we showed their shoulders that could is they'd be on board the Midwest OU mobbed up right Joe everybody's in the mafia right Righetti job at lieu know it up take it I don't care you know but when the people start hurting other people he uno and they have of your kind then you have to step up enough to support long foursome and I don't see that happening announce EA me I don't see any initiative any initiative from anybody how to stop this they could morning alright and I just under frustrated by it all and the primary Trump But Donald right Arizona that was it that Donald win away but then again the case Ted Cruz will go he's not going away and now he's a New Yorker so.