Listen: "I wouldn't trust the Cowboys to be messing with that fourth pick"

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Rob Carr
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Coming up their playoff you know loss to the Green Bay Packers and expectations and demarco Murray he's gone but now offensive line was going to be historic and even though Greg Hardy major bite your lip and kind of chew on your fingernails he was supposed to be a impact offensive guy put up a lot you're award for putting up with that all full all full season is the fourth overall pick in the draft now I understand that you can get a you can get two seconds or you get move down a bit take the fourth pick take it I just don't I do I wouldn't trust the Cowboys to be messing with that fourth pick in in getting proper value for take it take joy bow so take it and try not to be in the top five again get back to a position we're in the playoffs having good seasons the question it's still going to be when do the Cowboys grab the guy that takes over for Romo whenever that day is what you did this drought does it next draft.