Prank Call: You Had Too Many Drinks During Your Flight So We Had To Reimburse Other Clients At Your Expense

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hello, my name is Seth McIlroy and Kang from Airlines I was looking for Kevin , and it event, I'm calling from the Customer care division here, you have a few minutes I needed chat with you about something, yeah yeah sure would run on Well I'm calling regarding the situation that you were involved then on one of our airplanes It was on a flight and the San Antonio a few weeks ago, so we're talking about well gee recently take a flight in the San Antonio, yeah, in a flight attendant so you can, and you don't know I'm talking about, no which is your which is ongoing battle okay a refresher memory than away it might be hard for your member actually according to the flight crew on that flight you had a few too many Whisky coaxed and became sort of loud and below Durant, , latest, we what the staff on that flight and a few people who are sitting around you complain about your behavior sort of what I didn't do anything I had a huge. All right with him with there was no situation really things didn't get a little out of control, no not me not out of control, okay well I can read quotes from you from people complained they said you became a quote and this is their language not mind a raging, all, use that excuse overhaul, man this I think you're going to get that the Flames in what might save man save outing, the flight attendant didn't say that the flight attendant just said that you're being a little loud and sort of an auction as the people around you said that, so here as well, and in what was going on, the way that you're talking to me right now so that's not helping your case because when I got here sort of being when you know you have nothing new off right now because I don't owners on Monday not me, I'm just don't get like that giving you the information that I was given sir and that's why I'm calling would give you my information right now and I don't do that, as you can see how you're sort of being loud with me right now, you're making the rounds right now okay well alright because of the trouble that you caused on that flight we had to reimburse seventeen people, the cost of their flights, you know so when it's fun, seventeen, all because I won real out yes there when you with an eye. It's a limited no better and we know that you think we know that you fly a lot and you're very valued customer of our airline because we've seen all the Miles that you have in your account, I'm horse eminent is now the Mavs, correct well, I should so you had over seven hundred thousand miles because in order to refund those people, we've taken it out of your mileage accounts, you up, getting me right now, no I'm not I'm sorry ending the season not having won by doing well, when that man we got, we already took here, that might be, that Doug Wilson rises is gonna tell you, to be doing, you've got to get him either, now the supervisor is going to tell you exactly what I'm telling you sir we want, when you will serve you're going to act like a drunk full on a plane, airport right now if you win that right now and What do you plan to do at the airport, in Singapore, what would you like to do with the airport I don't I don't see why you're all, hello, oh yeah yeah values that you want me to stop looking too, hold, yup, it's a new off so you do want me to talk to wear you don't want it is I can all, we just me, what is it so you want me to respond to that or you don't, yeah I would have bought oh okay my name is doable. I think that that for them, that no it's dribble from brick enjoyable in the morning doing a phone tap on you, what's your girlfriend Katherine so you up it's a prank phone call, all we, , well you got pretty good, I'm ready right now no matter where you have them you haven't admired, no year anyone on the line, the bargain reach out, at first ninety didn't get second a guy you a lot more trouble