Listen: "The only professional football I've known"

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Joey Foley
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The four two in the U.S the only person football in only college Football the Colts are almost all of my adult life but I just in life and in sports we all know enough of Tony this is Tony Tony again and nothing does last forever and Peyton Manning has come to the conclusion that his football career doesn't last forever and it is over he'll announce his retirement on Monday not big not much of a surprise but let's be honest we all kind of danced around last week wondering is the possibility there that he does come back for one more season now with the Denver Broncos bullet somebody else maybe he went fishing and nobody bit maybe he came to this conclusion because nobody really wanted to take a chance of having Peyton Manning on their team who can't play anymore but it's time to put all that aside and start looking at the legacy of Peyton Manning and what it's meant to the football to.